Best Homeschool Related Black Friday Deals 2023

Pandia Press: November 24-30 30% off everything. We are using Pandia Press’s History Quest curriculum this year and loving it! They also have a science curriculum. They have great samples to download so you can try before you buy!

Dash Into Learning: November 20-27. 35% off everything. We LOVE this company. We’re currently using their handwriting curriculum with a lot of joy and success. They also have beautiful early reading program, an emotional resilience program, grammar games, and poetry bundles

All About Learning: TBD. We are using the All About Spelling program this year and it’s been so fun for my girls. AAL also has a great reading program–I wish I had used this with my struggling reader.

Brave Writer: November 24-26– buy 2 get one free literature singles, November 27– 27% off any product purchase (except literature singles). This is a program I haven’t personally used, but my friends say great things! Their writing curriculum also covers grammar, literary devices, spelling and vocabulary so it’s very comprehensive.

Masterbooks: November 27 ONLY 35% off. This is a curriculum I hear about all the time, but haven’t personally used. They have full curriculum options for PreK-12, making it a great one stop shop. 

Night Zookeeper: 50% off annual subscription with code BLACKFRIDAY. This is a game based curriculum I haven’t used but hear great things about! Their course is a full language arts curriculum that you can use if you homeschool, or if you need a supplement to classroom learning. 

BitsBox: 15% off with code KIDSCODE15. This is a coding curriculum we used last year and it is so fun! Kids follow instructions on a high quality, full color card and then are given freedom once they understand that coding concept (i.e. changing a background color). The cards are in a binder so it’s easy to keep track of their progress. We’ll for sure pull it out again in the summer!


Money Time: 25% off annual subscription. We are planning on using this with our oldest next year! Financial literacy is such an important part of learning that often gets overlooked.

Some of the links above are affiliate links. Thanks for the support!

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